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·The Ruoqiang Jujubes become the "Green Bank"
·The weather department of Lvliang starts emer
·Jinghai county achieves jujube's anti-quarter
·The Representative of International Gardening
·The technology of preventing winter date's ma
·"The first Chinese date industry convention o
·Mao yongmin researcher came to CN JUJUBE for
·China opens Beijing Paralympic Games in celeb is supported by Chinese jujube institute centre, hebei agricultrual university .and she is originated by baoding jinxing information service Co.,Ltd .The site supplies the technic,culture.and daily news of jujube, based on the main jujube area in Taihang mountain.we would like to make a good service for the companies and jujube farmers.

Golden date...
Golden date:It mainly used to be made into dried red date,the fresh fruit also can be ate ...

·Pepper date
·History Of The Jujube Tree
· Lantern Festival(元宵节)
·Golden date
·Indian Jujube
·Culture of JUJUBE
Spring Menu:white agari...
material:white agaric 50g;pawpaw one for midium;some candies and jujube...

·Agaric-jujube soup removes your "compute
·Apple & jujube tea
·Do not eat jujube more than 50G per day
·A tasty slice of park life
·Spring Menu:white agaric pawpaw soup
·Fast Weight Loss - How To Lose Weight Qu
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